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Irrigation. Drainage & Pump Stations. Landscape Lighting. Artificial Turf.



Stahlman-England provides irrigation systems to residential owners, commercial properties, and golf courses. We provide a full service department ranging from full repairs to monthly maintenance contracts and a full installation department ensuring your irrigation system is properly designed and installed!

Please call us today at 239.514.1200 to learn more about our full irrigation service and installation department!


  • Irrigation System Service & Repairs

  • Irrigation Maintenance & System Testing

  • Irrigation System Renovations

  • 24/7 Emergency Irrigation Service for HOA's

  • For your Irrigation Evaluation & Estimate, call us today at 239.514.1200!


Stahlman-England provides irrigation installation to residential owners, commercial properties, and golf courses and ensures your irrigation system is properly designed and installed. We guarantee your water bill will be lower and your plants will live longer with an automatic system that conserves Florida's precious water. At Stahlman-England, our focus is to provide a system that is cost effective, on time, and hassle free with high performance.


Stahlman-England is a full service contracting firm capable of providing a broad spectrum of service on your golf course as well as in and around your golf community. All services are satisfaction guaranteed! 

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Drainage Stahlman-England looks forward to installing the right drain that will allow water to drain off your property. Did you know that all of our drains are manufactured from recycled materials rather than a mined natural resource? We are all about conservation!

Pump StationsStahlman-England provides advance pump station solutions for any irrigation needs. Our pump station technology will bring 20% to 50% water savings with the latest irrigation control systems proven to provide less water usage, less power consumption of pumping stations, less power consumption of a recharge well system and less wear and tear on the infrastructure of the irrigation system.

Prevent Excess Water / Improved Water Flow / Flexible Design & Configurations 

Design & Consultation / Advance Controls / Cost-Effective Maintenance  

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  • 15 HORSEPOWER - VFD variable Frequency Drive Centrifugal Pump

  • The blue tank is a chemical injection tank to keep Algae in snails out of the piping and sprinkler heads



Down Lighting 2.jpg

Low voltage lighting systems provide safe, effective solutions to enhance outdoor living spaces and enhance the experience of outdoor lifestyles. We only install systems that compliment landscape design while providing value for the end user. Lighting not only extends living space into the exterior during evening hours but also provides security against intruders.

Please call us today at 239.514.1200 for a complimentary landscape lighting consultation!


  • Landscape Lighting Maintenance & System Testing

  • Cleaning of fixture lens

  • Prune shrubs away from fixtures

  • Replace lamps (if needed)

  • Adjust transformer(s) to correct time of day

  • Inspect photo cell for proper operation

  • Raise fixtures in landscape for proper lighting (if needed)

  • Replace fixtures under warranty

  • Install repellent at each fixture and install moth balls inside transformers to repel pests


  • Dock Lights

  • Step Lights

  • Walkway Lights

  • Path Lights

  • Down Lighting

  • Up Lighting

  • Accent Lighting

  • Underwater Lighting 

Step Lighting .jpg

Residential Lighting Installation & Service

Commercial Lighting.jpg

Commercial Lighting Installation & Service



Stahlman-England is an authorized dealer, designer, and installer of a large variety of premium synthetic grass that is made in the USA. As natural lawn offerings come with options, so do synthetic lawns. You are able to choose a design and sizing to fit your landscaping needs. At Stahlman-England, we use superior, high-quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly turf materials that are extremely durable and last through hot, cold, wet or dry climates. In fact, developers are installing artificial turf more often to lower maintenance needs and provide convenience to homeowners.


Our highly trained artificial turf staff designers and installers make sure that you receive top of the line service from the pre-installation phase to completion of the installation of your artificial turf. We want to make sure that your experience is memorable, gives you peace of mind and your needs are met with satisfaction guaranteed. Installing the artificial turf correctly will allow you to spend more time enjoying your green space, than maintaining it! All turfs come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Call us today at 239-514-1200 for a free turf consultation for your property! 

Benefits - Looks and feels like REAL grass, environmentally SAFE, cost friendly, pet friendly, weather friendly, NO watering, NO fertilizers or herbicides, and NO chemicals released.

Residential Landscaping / Dog Parks / Pool Areas & Patios / Putting Greens


Green Wall


While the idea may be new, green walls have been evolving in size and creativity for years! These vertically built walls designed with your choice of plants, have the ability to transform any empty wall either inside or outside, to a beautiful conversation piece. A true work of art for your residential home or commercial building! 

Aside from these vertical gardens being aesthetically pleasing, they improve air quality, absorb noise, regulate temperature and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Please call us today at 239.514.1200 for a complimentary green wall consultation!

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