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Best Practices and Water Saving Design Steps

Best Practices and Water Saving Design Steps“Inches Per Year Water Savings”

Irrigation Design Using Optimizing Software ➪ 5 Inches Minimum Distribution Uniformity Of 70 Percent ➪ 5 Inches Turf Separated From Shrubs & Annual Beds ➪ 6 Inches Closer Head Spacing In Wind Zone Areas ➪ 2 Inches Controllers Connected To Rain And/Or Wind Sensors ➪ 5 Inches Monitoring And adjustment Utilizing Sensors ➪ 6 Inches Cycle Scheduling To Reduce Runoff ➪ 2 Inches Water Scheduled Development From Irrigation Audit Software ➪ 5 Inches As Built Irrigation Plans ➪ 3 Inches Ongoing Inspection Program For Sprinkler Systems ➪ 4 Inches

Note: The Basic Irrigation System Wastes As Much As 30 Percent Of Water Because Of Inefficient Design And Scheduling Practices.

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