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Stahlman-England Chosen for Fleetmatics Ad

Great news! We were selected as the “Spot Light” company for Fleetmatics, the official tracking software of Minor League Baseball! Through the use of this computer program, we’ve managed to boost and maintain our operational performance to continually deliver outstanding customer service. Check out our feature in Fleetmatics’s ad for more insight into how Fleetmatics streamlined our company’s communications:

Joanne: My name is Joanne Stahlman, I am the Director of Corporate Operations for Stahlman-England incorporated. We have thirty-three vehicles and we do commercial and residential irrigation and landscape lighting service. We service areas from Orlando, South to Naples and over on the East Coast as far North as Delray Beach. It’s important for us to manage our fleet effectively because our customers expect it.

Monica: My name is Monica Arana, I am the Office Manager for Stahlman-England. I work closely with our irrigation technicians in the field. The time before Fleetmatics was not very efficient, our reporting was unknown, we weren’t sure how to track our service technicians, we weren’t sure what our numbers were for our technicians, our profit levels.

Joanne: We were using two to three computer programs and now with a program like Fleetmatics we’re able to schedule a service call and within minutes the tech has all the necessary information and therefore, we’re not wasting the time of the techs calling in to the office, the customers calling back and forth. Everything is just streamlined.

Ramon: My name is Ramon Flores and I am the Irrigation Technician for Stahlman-England. Fleetmatics is really easy to use. All the information or anything you need on the specific job is right at your fingertips – locating the information, parts, your inventory.

Monica:  Our service techs have improved drastically from Fleetmatics due to them being able to manage their own customers, manage their own quotes, communicate effectively with the office, us communicating with our service techs effectively through the program.

Joanne: We knew we needed a program that could give us more detailed reports. Fleetmatics has exceeded that. We now have daily reports of total revenue, which breakdown of parts, labor, travel time and duration. Our goal was to double our service department within a year, within four months using Fleetmatics we’ve accomplished that goal. Fleetmatics has really cut down a lot of labor time, not only for the service technicians in the field, but, for us in the office. It has truly streamlined two to three programs into one.

Ramon: I enter all the information into the tablet with all parts and any special notes. I do proposals and put some completion notes, any special notes or what not in there. Monica gets the information immediately and is able to then take that information and bill it or get in contact with a customer immediately.

Monica: Using Fleetmatics reveal and work together side by side has allowed our company to manage our payroll and reduce payroll cost and it has also helped us to control our fuel cost, it has increased our productivity levels and our drive in our service technicians. It has also improved our service response.

Ramon: Fleetmatics is a good program, easy to use and it eliminates a lot of paperwork.

Monica: I’m able to review all of the work that the service techs do. Right away, I can quickly go on Fleetmatics and invoice a customer and that takes, you know, all of three minutes.

Joanne: For all that it offers, plus, the technology support it was just too good to be true that the cost was so minimal.

Monica: Our customers have definitely noticed a huge improvement in our customer service.

Joanne: We have a tendency to spoil our customers and Fleetmatics is aiding us with this. It really Fleetmatics has been my baby.

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